Thursday, November 24, 2005

What about 3D desktops

I had the idea that I would probably enjoy a lot a 3D desktop where I can navigate through applications more intuitively. The small trick of zooming on the mac os makes a big difference for me. I am sure there are a couple of tools for replacing the simple taskbar with something more fancy 3d desktop scenes... I will need to look around a bit. If anybody knows some good ones, let me know.
Anyway, in general I am asking myself if there will be a switch to 3d user interfaces. Would that make sense? In the beginning users had only simple text shell, nowadays we have desktops with windows all around the place... what is the next one? I would like to navigate through scenes and everything... Think of a desktop which is 3D scene, even with physical simulations so that things bounce around when you throw them from one part of the scene to the other one. Yeah, I know, it needs resources, but we could get there soon that pc-s wouldn't have problem to reserve this much resources for user interfaces.
Yeah, I have just realized that I am more interested in user interfaces... I will have to look into them... I'll do it.. and hopefully I will get smarter on this...


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