Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What is the best job?

Being close to the end of my studies, I am thinking quite a lot about this issue... what is the greatest job?
So.. computer scientist.. for most of the people it means simply software developer. Ok, I would be okay with that. But I want to have control over my work, I want to do it in a great environment, do really quality work... and.. of course, what the most important is... to do challenging stuff. The whole thing smells like I do not want to be just one developer for a big corporate company.. then the small ones might be to unstable... one could "not advance"... slowly I end up with the idea, that if I want to do software development, then I should do it for my own company.. tech start-up... it is not an unusual thing nowadays.
But what else... academia.. that could be cool. Challenging stuff, less stress because of market constraints, one does really mostly what is really interesting... It is definitely not easy, especially if one would want to go all the way on the academia track.. actually it is damn hard and one needs the intelligence/talent... otherwise no chance. There's kind of a disadvantage... usually one is much farther away from the "customers".. it is more difficult to see the "product work".
But there is more..
Today, as I came home with the bus, I've decided, the busdriver has the best job. He probably doesn't love it that much (what is there to love about driving the whole day the bus), so he can not get annoyed about how he would do it better... he has a stable job... he just does it... he can switch off his ambitions during the day.. he drives the bus, and tries to find the fun in his life somewhere else...
Or... pro snowboarder.. that is cool, as well. Lot of bullshit to be done... a lot of parties.. unconventional stuff.. injury for 9 months... again videos, party, you love what you're doing... After 20 years, you are a piece of junk physically, but you always did what you wanted.. you partied...
I could probably go on... and I still wouldn't be much smarter... but yeah.. slowly I arrived to that situation when this "what do I wanna do with my life" question is around... Something will happen, we'll see, at least I realized that there is the question to be answered ;)


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