Thursday, December 08, 2005

Your own... candle??

If you are around Zürich in December it might be a good idea to go to the Kerzenziehen am Bürkliplatz. With a bit of patience you can make your own candle... or something like that. This is what I came home with. Maybe it's exaggerateded to call it a candle... but it's something funny and it smells like honey... Actually, my creature was upside down during "production time", this is why he has his "tale" so nicely straight up in the air. Some other guys really take this thing very seriously, and make reaallly huge candles which weigh several kilograms at the end. They invest many-many hours over several days, weeks probably... so that in the end... I don't know what they do with those huge candles. Whatever... actually, I don't know either what I should do with my "something-like-a-candle"..
And since I am still at recommendations, let me give you a tip for your next movie: Broken Flowers. It reminded me in a way to Mulholland Drive, which I liked a lot, as well. So, enjoy your winter time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great candle Balint!!! Uhhhh, ahhhh. That is really amazing how you created it!! It is time to make another one. Bye

12:22 AM  

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